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Prepare to be overwhelmed with the history of Turkey, the “world’s largest museum”. Relive the glory of the Byzantines while gazing at the domes of St. Sophia and the Ottomans with an in-depth tour of the mosques and hamams (baths) designed by the great imperial architect, Mimar Sinan. Retrace the steps of the sultans in the magnificient courtyards of Topkapi Palace, the heartbeat of the Empire for 400 years. Meet local archaeologists at excavation sites not yet open to the public. Marvel at how the Early Christians lived when you descend down into the labyrinthine and complex underground cities of Cappadocia. With a private tour of the nearly 2,000-year-old Ephesus, the second largest city of the Roman Empire, you can understand how the Roman elite lived when you step inside a Terrace House and view its magnificent mosaics. More gems await further south in Bodrum: the Bodrum Castle, built by the Knights of St. John, and the ruins of the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

St. Sophia - Istanbul
St. Sophia - Istanbul St. Sophia remains one of the world’s magnificent buildings and a place where you feel you can touch the heavens. St. Sophia is now officially a mosque and can be visited in the hours outside of pray times.
St. Sophia - Istanbul
St. Sophia - Istanbul The splendid St.Sophia’s soaring domes, beautiful mosaics, and blend of artistic styles inspires awe even in the most seasoned travelers.
Blue Mosque - Istanbul
Blue Mosque - Istanbul Also known as Sultanahmet Mosque, it is one of only two mosques in Turkey with six minarets (an imperial feature).
Blue Mosque - Istanbul
Blue Mosque - Istanbul Get lost in the intricacy and detail of the 20,000 Iznik -style tiles that adorn the interior.
Topkapi Palace – Istanbul
Topkapi Palace – Istanbul The symbol of the Ottoman Empire’s glory days, Topkapi Palace lives as much in the imagination as it does in real life.
Topkapi Palace – Istanbul
Topkapi Palace – Istanbul Uncover the secret lives of the sultans and their courts with a behind-the-scenes tour, from the harem to the kitchens.
Basilica Cistern - Istanbul
Basilica Cistern - Istanbul This underground Byzantine-era reservoir has an ethereal ambiance like no other place in the world.
Istanbul Panoramic
Istanbul Panoramic A Sea Song tour can take you in-depth into Istanbul’s varied neighborhoods – from the Historical Peninsula to Taksim Square. Our guides love the city and can personalize your tour based on your interests.
Ottoman Yalı on the Bosphorus
Ottoman Yalı on the Bosphorus Step back into time with a personal tour into of one of these iconic and beautiful waterfront mansions.
Hippodrome - Istanbul
Hippodrome - Istanbul You can easily hear the sounds of 60,000 Byzantines rooting for their chosen charioteer at this civic center, crowned by the 3,400 year-old Theodosius Obelisk.
Ephesus Second only to wealth and prestige to Rome, Ephesus is the Eastern Mediterranean’s best-preserved classical city.
Ephesus Beat the crowds and go in-depth with a private customized tour which will include the newly-excavated Terrace Houses.
Bodrum Castle
Bodrum Castle Built by the Knights of St. John, this symbol of the coastal town of Bodrum also houses the unique Underwater Archaeology Museum.
Cave Churches in Cappadocia
Cave Churches in Cappadocia Beautiful frescoes cover the ceilings and walls of hundreds of well-hidden rock churches.
Chora Church - Istanbul
Chora Church - Istanbul Be dazzled by the near-perfect mosaics of the Byzantine-era Chora Church. Chora Museum is now officially a mosque and is closed for restoration.