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Who is choosing Sea Song for group travel experience?

- Family groups
- Groups of friends
- Special interest groups
-----o Church Groups
-----o Slow Food Convivia
-----o Tours escorted by known personalities or celebrities
-----o Academic institutions
-----o Groups with artisan interests
- Cruise groups
- Corporate groups
- Groups planning exclusive events

Why choose Sea Song Tours?

Customize your experience.
Does your group want to explore Lycian history, walk in the footsteps of St Paul, taste regional cuisines or experience a culturally rich 'lifestyle' tour? Sea Song is highly regarded for providing creative ideas, privileged insider access and meaningful local connections.

Attention to the details. We understand that an experience of a lifetime can only be delivered by a flawless 'behind the scenes' operation: careful planning, attention to detail and clear communication ensure a perfectly executed operation.

Local relationships.
Sea Song Tours has built strong relationships with Turkey's top suppliers which transfer into great value for groups.

Comfort and Safety. You can contact us at anytime of the day or night via our emergency contact details. Sea Song Tours strictly controls the quality of tour vehicles, food and hygiene standards, hotel facilities and professional tour guides. Sea Song Tours is fully insured with Third Party Liability Accident Insurance coverage by a US Insurance provider.

What can Sea Song Tours do for your group?

Provide insider access to historic locations for special events
Arrange specialist guest lecturers and guides
Facilitate cultural exchanges
Menu planning
Provision of local entertainers
Coordinate outdoor activities
Execute seamless meetings
24 hour concierge services
Source tickets to special events and concerts
Group air ticketing for domestic flights


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